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Moral Voices on Food Justice


Keynote Speaker:
Eric Schlosser
Investigative Journalist &
Author of Fast Food Nation
November 27, 2012

Moral Voices: the Merrin Distinguished Lecture Series, is an initiative at Hillel that began in 2005. The program, supported by the Merrin family, employs a multi-tiered approach to addressing a single issue for any given programming year. Once a theme is chosen, the group raises awareness about the topic through a social justice lens, encouraging social action and education. Members meet on a weekly basis to engage in thought-provoking discussion pertaining to the important role students can play in the social justice arena both on a domestic and international level. In addition, students involved in Moral Voices work collaboratively and constructively to develop meaningful programs to benefit entire student body, and encourage others to cultivate their own potential to raise a moral voice.

Each year, the students collectively decide on an overarching theme to guide them in their programming, while ensuring that the programs and lectures supporting the theme simultaneously pertain to social justice. This year (2012 – 2013) the Moral Voices theme is Food Justice. Within this theme, students have planned the following programs: Discussion with guest speaker Julian Agyeman, Tufts Professor and chair of the UEP department, who shared his unique view on the full integration of social justice within the food movement; an interactive program at Dewick to engage with students and inform them on the cultivation, transportation, and human labor involved in the banana industry (co-hosted by Tufts Dining and Food for Thought), a lunch discussion with Rabbi Jeffrey Summit exploring the Jewish responsibility and approach to food justice, and a movie series featuring the film King Corn, a TED Talk compilation, Fast Food Nation, and Forks Over Knives where students can expose themselves and discuss concepts of justice involved with the substances that sustain them.

Upcoming events include the Merrin Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Investigative Journalist Eric Schlosser. He will address the Tufts Community about the justice ignored by the mainstream media of consumption and the food industry and how he has raised a Moral Voice against injustices that have occurred.

The programs that are implemented are aimed for students to have a better understanding of the current theme, understand some of the injustices within this particular area of society, and learn about ways they can become involved and raise a moral voice.


For more information on Moral Voices, contact:
Rose Pollard

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