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Moral Voices is a year-long Hillel initiative that will address key questions through-out the course of the year: What does it mean to raise a moral voice? What is our responsibility to those who have been deprived of the basic human rights of freedom, justice and security? What impact can your voice have at the university and beyond? This year we continue and expand the work we began last year with Moral Voices. Programs will include a keynote by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Nicholas Kristof, and Essay Contest, a Film Series and a weekly Beit Midrash study examining the texts from the Jewish tradition on ethical leadership.

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Lecture: Nicholas Kristof

Two-time Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and NY Times Columnist, Nicholas Kristof had to go to Darfur during his planned speaking engagement. However, he will be coming to Tufts on February 27th. More details to follow.

Film Series

Students are also involved in planning a “Moral Voices” film series for the Spring semester. If you wish to become involved, please contact Lauren Estes .

Essay Contest

The “Moral Voices” essay contest continues this year. What does it mean to raise a moral voice? What are basic human rights? What impact can your voice have at the university and beyond? First prize will be $1,000, Second prize - $500 and third prize - $250.

Moral Voices Essay Contest Questions

Please choose to address one of these question sin your essay:

  1. What is the most effective way for students in a university to raise a moral voice in our society?
  2. What is the role of the media in regard to raising a moral voice in our society?
  3. With so many pressing moral issues in the world how do we choose where to focus our energy and attention?

Holocaust Commemoration

We are dedicated to “Never Forget” the horrors of the Holocaust. Yet, our educational efforts and commemoration have not prevented genocides in Bosnia, Rwanda, or Sudan. We will consider why we study and teach the Holocaust and how our efforts can have an impact in the struggle to end genocide in the world today.

Just Leadership

This year-long series explores the Jewish tradition’s perspectives on ethical leadership and responses to injustice. Come for as many sessions as you choose. This program is designed to be open and accessible to everyone, regardless of Jewish background or familiarity with Hebrew.

Monday nights beginning on September 11th at 7:30 p.m. For more information, contact Ethan Prosnit.

Biography: Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof has devoted an unprecedented number of his NY Times Op-Ed columns to the crisis in Darfur, giving a voice to the persecuted and the suffering.

Visiting the region numerous times, he has applied pressure on world leaders and activists to address this ongoing genocide. His writing on women’s rights and the horros of sexual slavery have been models of activism in journalism.

We are fortunate to have Nicholas Kristof as this year’s Merrin Distinguished Lecturer. Join us to hear Mr. Kristof challenge us about what it means to raise a moral voice when so many remain silent.

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