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Tufts Friends of Israel

Tufts Friends of Israel (FOI) is a group of students who celebrate Israel beyond the conflict and endorse peace between a secure Israel and a Palestinian state. We believe that Israel offers many contributions and opportunities to the world, including the Jewish community, and we celebrate its achievements. We also recognize the ethnic, religious, linguistic, political and cultural diversity of Israel and demonstrate our appreciation for such diversity.

Although FOI encompasses a plurality of political opinions, we as an organization support the creation of two states for two peoples. Our programs provide a space in which individuals can explore their complex relationships with Israel and its neighbors. FOI offers a wide range of programming that includes both cultural and political events.

FOI is committed to thorough self-education about Israel's domestic and foreign affairs as well as the major narratives surrounding Israel. Likewise, we are dedicated to serving as a resource to the campus at large by providing holistic and inclusionary information and engaging in dialogue. FOI hopes to help students contextualize Israel in a constructive, productive, and digestible way.

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