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Social Justice: Our Approach

In the Mishnah, the rabbis ask the question, “What are the three things that form the basis for the world?” The answer is, “Torah, avodah, and g’milut chasadim.”

Torah represents education—the work of our heads.
Avodah represents spiritual connection, worship—the work of our hearts.
G’milut chasadim represents deeds of loving kindness—the work of our hands.

Social justice is the work of the hands.  Jewish traditions and values inspire us to be engaged repairing the world.

We support students’ drive to learn more about social issues and engage actively to repair the parts of the world that are broken. Through social justice programming, educational events, advocacy, direct service, and volunteer opportunities, students contribute to solutions to today’s problems.

Our teachings tell us that every human is obligated to bring righteousness to our communities. We call social justice, Tzedakah or righteousness.

When Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of the most important rabbis, scholars, and activists of the 20th century, marched with Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama he said he felt like his feet were praying.

Being engaged with making the world a better place is not only in line with Tufts University’s mission of active citizenship, it’s informed by Judaism’s commitment to tikkun olam “repairing the world.”

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