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Learning & Education: Our Approach

Jewish education takes place in many different ways at Tufts Hillel.

Some students come from strong religious backgrounds, speak Hebrew, and know a lot about Jewish culture and history. Many other students connect with us because this is the time they want to go deeper into learning about their Jewish identity.

We welcome everyone at Tufts Hillel. There’s no “checklist” at the door to see if you know enough to come in. We’re all here because, in some way, we’re on a journey to learn about what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.

Learning About Identity
We offer support, programs, resources and opportunities to deepen that exploration when you choose and how you choose to learn more about your Judaism. From formal classes and small group discussions to larger activities and events, we offer education that’s right for students at all points of their journey.

You may want to learn how to bake challah or hamentashen or how to plan a service with your peers in the Reform or Conservative community. You may want to explore traditional texts like the Torah and Talmud or discuss relevant topics like the role of women in Judaism or issues of gender and sexuality. You may want to learn how to plan and run a Jewish program.

Tufts Hillel offers all students the opportunity to be a part of an active community and pursue their Jewish journey.

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