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We realize that no matter how many activities we plan, there is another essential way to engage Jewish students on campus.

Community Building Fellows connect with students as they go about their daily lives. Their mission is simply to find out what people are interested in and help make it a reality. They do this by engaging students in conversation about their Jewish journeys and the lives they want to lead.

The program empowers its fellows to use the tools of social engagement and relationship building to create productive and engaging opportunities for people to talk about their Jewish identity, their journeys, and how they are thinking about Judaism while they’re at college.

2017-2018 Fellows

Samantha Berman is a senior studying biology. 

Gabriel Cano is a huge fan of crossword puzzles, jazz music, and cooking. Born and raised in Washington DC, but has yet to bump into Barack Obama or Donald Trump. His three favorite cities are New York City, Washington DC, and Madrid.

Eric Cohen is a Junior from Los Angeles who is very much a California kid, but quickly learning how to survive the harsh North East winters. Eric loves to surf and then come home to watch the game... any game... the sport doesn't matter much. When he's not being to lazy, Eric is also a surprisingly good cook. 

Madison Dall is a sophomore from outside of Philadelphia studying sociology and entrepreneurial leadership. She is a Jewish cappella lover, creme brûlée enthusiast, and an avid genealogist. Madison also loves to travel, explore Boston and its spin studios, and grab coffee!

Daniel Fier is a sophomore at Tufts from Southborough, MA and loves to sing, snack, and take frequent naps. You can find him on campus singing with the Tufts Beelzebubs or hanging out in the Rez cafe looking for people to hang out with (and delay studying for a little bit). Danny has been involved with Jewish youth movements in the past and is a counselor at Camp Tel Noar in NH - he’s super excited to be a Community Building Fellow!

Rebecca Gertler is a Sophomore from Brooklyn, NY. On campus she enjoys playing frisbee, walking dogs, and spending time outside and is interested in majoring in American Studies and Economics. She is super excited to be a fellow this year and to see all the new and exciting things her second year at Tufts brings! 

Klielle Glanzberg-Krainin is a an American Studies and Education major, a rising senior, a middle child, and an aspiring Challah baker. She comes from the Philadelphia area but is also a big fan of Boston (a great city except during the month of February). 

Miriam Israel is a senior from D.C. majoring in International Relations and minoring in Arabic. She enjoys the ocean, popsicles, singing duets with her dog and giving restaurant recommendations.  One of her goals before graduation is to visit every T stop on the Red Line. 
Dana Levin is a senior mechanical engineering student at Tufts university. Originally from Chicago, she has spent her time at Tufts exploring engineering for the developing world, helping elementary students access STEM, writing grants for start-ups creating robust NICU devices, and developing a healthy coffee addiction amidst great conversation. She spent her summer playing with wipes at the Clorox company, and is always in search of a good book recommendation.

Jesse Litvin is a senior studying civil engineering and an avid supporter of breakfast food. He loves playing music, biking around, riding public transportation, and meandering aimlessly through Somerville. He's always down to grab food or coffee, and will understand if you make fun of him for ordering decaf, so feel free to reach out!

Sophia Lloyd-Thomas is a third-year IR major and Hebrew minor. She has lived in Connecticut, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Israel. Her favorite pastimes include amateur challah baking, being outside, and eating at American-themed restaurants in Tel Aviv. 

Julia Merker is a senior, a biopsychology major, and an avid baker. Originally from Long Island, Julia finds comfort in boxing, drawing, reading, and all things covered in cheese.  She is currently trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. 

Dani Musoff is a sophomore who is planning on studying Political Science.  She loves bucket hats, elephants (go jumbos!), and her Fitbit.  Dani is from Westchester, New York.  Her favorite place to travel is Israel, where she spent the summer of 2014.

Madeline Oliff is a sophomore studying American Studies and Urban Planning + Policy.  She is originally from Chicago (and probably won't let you forget it), but has been enjoying her adventures around Boston and the Northeast.  You can find Maddie snowboarding, dancing, boxing, or picnicking on the Prez Lawn with chocolate soy milk and microwave popcorn.  

Natalie Perlov loves perusing stores in Davis Square, acting in sketch comedy, teaching English as a Second Language, and volunteering with kids in the Developmental Technology lab. In her free time, Natalie is pre-med, majoring in biopsychology and minoring in linguistics. Natalie hopes to continue fostering connections on campus and maybe someday become meme famous in the Tufts Facebook group!

Rebecca Schaub is a senior (sunrise, sunset) from Long Island, NY majoring in Clinical Psychology with a minor in English. In her free time you can find Becca with her nose aggressively deep in a book or stressing in the campus center about producing shows for TTII, Tufts' student-run musical theatre group. Becca also has passions for dogs, the band weezer, and plant-based protein! 

Hannah Shevrin is a senior studying Sociology, among many other important and overwhelming topics! She was born and raised in the Midwest and sometimes feels like a fish out of water here in Boston when she smiles at people on the street. Hannah is an avid coffee consumer and frequent napper. You can find her in her sunny kitchen making Babka while listening to podcasts.

Emily Steele is a senior from New Orleans, LA, double majoring in Engineering Psychology and Environmental Studies. She is super passionate about technology, innovation, and of course, sustainability and the environment. She is a huge fan of the outdoors, curling up with a good book, and is never without her Tufts Nalgene water bottle. If you want to chat about anything and everything, send her an email! 

Samuel Usher is a senior from Cranston, Rhode Island studying Engineering Psychology. On campus, he is a FOCUS leader, a member of the club ski team, a STOMP fellow, and a member of Tufts Dance Collective. When he's not in class, Sam can be found wandering the campus center, going into Boston with friends, or living in his second home, the purple hallway of Tisch.

Ariel Weinstein is a senior whose parents sometimes call him Ferris (like Bueller, not like the wheel), because he love the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and because he's outrageously outgoing. The nickname has its limitations, though, because Ari's not one to fake an illness, always opts to bike rather than run, and most likely would not pretend to be the Sausage King of Chicago just to get a seat at a fancy restaurant. Like Ferris, though, Ari is a big fan of art museums, loves the Midwest, I did once get himself into a parade!

Jake Zaslav is a sophomore at Tufts studying music and political science. Originally from Richmond Virginia, he spends most of his time playing trumpet, practicing quidditch, and consuming copious amounts of media whether it be his album of the day, current tv binge, or one of his many favorite podcasts. Jake is very excited to serve as a Community Building Fellow, a job which incorporates two of his favorite things: eating and talking.

Justin Zaslavsky is a  junior from just north of Chicago, IL, studying Community Health. When not taking the TEMS *ambulance* out for joyrides or listening to the Wicked/Dear Evan Hansen/Hedwig soundtrack, you can find Justin pouring Sriracha all over any dish from any dining hall (though Dewick is objectively better). Justin is so excited to be taking his fellow Jumbos out to chat and is on a mission to find the best iced coffee on Boston Ave. 

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