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We realize that no matter how many activities we plan, there is another essential way to engage Jewish students on campus.

Community Building Fellows connect with students as they go about their daily lives. Their mission is simply to find out what people are interested in and help make it a reality. They do this by engaging students in conversation about their Jewish journeys and the lives they want to lead.

The program empowers its fellows to use the tools of social engagement and relationship building to create productive and engaging opportunities for people to talk about their Jewish identity, their journeys, and how they are thinking about Judaism while they’re at college.

2016-2017 Fellows

Lauren Banner, Class of 2018, had an amazing, eye-opening, experience as a counselor at a jewish overnight camp this summer before her junior year where she met incredible people and expanded her love of exploring new ideas and places. During the school year, she is dedicated to her pre medical studies, her squash team, her friends, caffeinated beverages and finding the perfect study spot. Feel free to shoot her an email if you would like to grab coffee or a workout or a snack 

Sammy Berman, Class of 2018


Sophie Dulberg, Class of 2017, believes in connection through music, dance, and time outside. She likes to think her home and spiritual support resides in the White Mountains. Sophie is excited to get more in touch with the community around her this year and can't wait to go for walks with new friends. Send her an email if you'd like to chat!

Carly Eiduson, Class of 2019, is excited to be a Community Building fellow for this coming school year. She is pre- med and is studying Biology and Community Health. She is involved in Special Friends, a member of Chi Omega Sorority, and various Hillel groups such as Friends of Israel. She is also a Biology Subject Tutor and an EMT! She has attended and worked at a Jewish summer camp and is great at Jewish geography! She is so excited to reach out to the Tufts Student body and have some great conversations over coffee or lunch. 


Noah Gerard-Grossman, Class of 2019, Noah is interested in International Relations, Spanish, and Arabic. After high school, he took a gap year in Israel to travel and to learn Hebrew. He also enjoys basketball, archery, and hiking during his free time.



Noah Harris, Class of 2019, is a rising sophomore from Los Angeles, California. He is a lover of all things outdoors, which include, but are not limited to, backpacking, surfing, and environmental justice. He is also a huge music lover, and listens to hip-hop, jazz, neo-soul and everything in between. If you'd like to chat about any of these things or anything else at all, reach out anytime!


Michael Kalmans, Class of 2017, could not be more excited to be among this group of Community Building Fellows! An enthusiast of electoral politics, grassroots social and political change, and summertime in the Berkshires, Michael has served on the Tufts University Judiciary for the past two years, where he works to build a deeper sense of transparency in university judicial policy. When reflecting on his Tufts career, he immediately pinpoints those unexpected, yet meaningful conversations with fellow students and faculty members that have profoundly shaped his perspective of the world and the role we each can play in it. Feel free to email him if you would like to exchange life stories over a cup of coffee!


Nina Kravetz, Class of 2019, grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and is currently a sophomore studying Anthropology and Art History. On campus Nina is involved with JStreetU, Tufts Rwanda Fellowship, and Tufts Literacy Corps. Nina really loves trail mix and being outside. 


Zoe Lazarus, Class of 2017, is a senior studying Biology from Chappaqua, NY, raised in reform and conservative Judaism. She works in a marine biology lab and runs the Tufts Blood Drive. If you’d like to discuss gefilte fish or jellyfish, send her an email!


Dana Levin, Class of 2018, is in the School of Engineering, studying mechanical engineering. She can often be found running around campus (literally running), planning an Engineers without Borders meeting, doing mountains of homework in the Campus Center, or dabbling in engineering research and startups. Despite all this crazy, she always has time for coffee and an adventure!


Anna Linton, Class of 2017, prefers painting, prose pieces, percussion, and pickles-- also alliteration. She has made her own goat cheese on two different continents, studied at her first intensive Talmud program this past summer, and has a dog named after her in southern Spain. She loves discussing poetry, the parsha, and hopes to one day write and illustrate a children's haggadah. As a senior at Tufts, studying English, Psychology, and Judaic Studies, she relishes every opportunity to sip coffee around campus, and would love your company!


Jesse Litvin, Class of 2018, is from Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, majoring in civil engineering. You can often find him playing guitar, biking around, sitting in a hammock, or eating too many eggs. He's looking forward to meeting more people in the Jewish community at Tufts this year, and if you’d like to talk to him about urban planning, music, breakfast, or anything else, feel free to reach out!

Emily Polinski, Class of 2019, is from East Brunswick, New Jersey. She is excited to strengthen the Jewish community and make some new friends on campus through community building this year! When she is not community building, she is a member of the varsity field hockey team, working with CIVIC through Tisch college, or probably drinking coffee. If you want to talk to her, complain with her, or laugh with her, send her an email!

Isabel Silverston, Class of 2019, is a sophomore majoring in Sociology with a minor in Economics. In addition to being a fellow, she is a part of Visions of Peace and other Hillel initiatives and is involved in dance and theater at Tufts. She is also a member of one of Tufts's sororities, Kappa Alpha Theta. Isabel is so excited to be a fellow and she loves coffee so don't hesitate to reach out!


Jennifer Skerker, Class of 2017, loves spending time with people, whether it be discussing science, running/rowing/skating or taking part in any sort of athletic activity that doesn't involve hand-eye coordination (bonus if you get to explore Boston along the way), or indulging in chocolate! She enjoys figuring out how we stay connected to Judaism, while balancing crazy lives and a million other commitments. If you want to grab tea or coffee, bake delicious food, explore Boston, or enjoy a holiday meal, hit her up!


Natanya Trazenfeld, Class of 2017, is a senior who daydreams about universal healthcare, french bulldogs, and chocolate soufflé.  Her preschool’s motto- "learn to love to learn”- continues to be a driving force in her interdisciplinary studies and extracurricular endeavors which have taken her from a medical mission in Guatemala to a yoga retreat in Nepal and from poetry slams in New York to senate briefings in Washington D.C.  Having grown up in Miami, Natanya is a staunch believer in the beauty of multicultural communities, the importance of a good winter coat, and the utility of Spanglish.  She is always looking for new buddies to join in exploring boutique coffee shops and art museums, so hit her up! 


Sarah Wiggins, Class of 2017, is a senior majoring in psychology with a passion for feminism and power posing. Growing up in the reform tradition, college has encouraged her to explore her spirituality through meditation and singing. She's a fan of strong coffee, minimalist interior design, and all things Scandinavian. If you'd like to fika, talk about the importance of work life balance, learn more about the importance of "cozy friday", or hit up a yoga class, send her an email! 

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